the perspective

As a product of the landscape, honey is linked to small regional structures. The participatory approach offers a springboard for the creation of new supra-regional connections and supports a more comprehensive change of connotation. Produced, used and enjoyed from Finland through Turkey, honey can become the symbol for lasting peace in Europe. The former death corridor can be turned into a positive marketing reason with bee free as brand and moderation.

Regions can reconnect through a linked range of regional products and services. They can develop a common communication strategy, for instance with a shared range of honey from the border region. ‚Storytelling in progress‘ stimulates the emotional attachment of consumers, dialogues are initiated. New transnational cooperatives are established along the European migration corridor with the shared goal of preserving this memorial of European history and promoting values from the nature conservation sector.

bee free aims to provide impetus for local development. The goal and purpose of the project is to preserve the existing natural habitat and to re-link both sides of the former demarcation line with a transeuropean corridor function. One of the challenges bee free is faced with is to use this unique potential to reconnect the neighbouring regions and strengthen their sense of identity. Additional pilot projects can be started in historically, sociologically or naturally unique regions of the Green Belt. The common history of the ribbon will be used as the basis for the emancipation of the regions, which have been suffering for many years the territorial sovereignty of the hinterland. The change in connotation is pursued at all levels.